Raising Your Healthy Children with Matthew Grace

Catch A Healthy Habit at 6:30pm

Matthew Grace author of the health classic, A Way Out -Disease Deception and the Truth about Health, will be giving an exclusive presentation at CATCH A HEALTHY HABIT on how to raise your child in the most effective and healthy manner. Mr. Grace, the founder of The Coalition for Health Re-education, has appeared numerous times on national TV and Radio programs, and hosted his own TV show ‘Accent on Wellness’, for 7 years. He will be presenting his ideas on raising drug free, disease free, healthy children.
Note: The date has been changed from February 6th.

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A Way Out)

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You will learn how to help your children establish healthy habits, how to talk to them about healthy food choices and how to create an environment of health in your home. You will learn how to arm yourself with Knowledge about the human body and food choices that will give you the confidence to KNOW exactly what to do when your child is ill and when you are presented with the dilemma of drugging your child. Whether it  is “ADD” or the common cold you need to know there are safe and effective options for you and your family. 

Living according to The Laws of Nature is a simple and extremely effective method to keep you and your child healthy. 

The presentation will be followed by a question and answer period and Mr. Grace will answer all of your questions and he will be available to sign copies of his just released updated version of his book A Way Out –Disease Deception and the Truth about Health.  


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