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006 Matthew Grace: author of "A Way Out"

005 Nora Jaya

004 Kevin W. Reese: Health Coach and Author, his latest book "The People vs Chonic Illness"
       has just been releasesd (6/26/18) available on Amazon .Visit www.eatthesunlight.com to
       learn more about Kevin and his latest project!!!

003  Sage Osa founder of My Person Wellness in Fairfield Ct. 
Sage Osa shares with us her story from being a healer to healing from cancer.
Today she practices a diverse variety of modalities including mind/body skills, energy healing,
emotional release techniques.               www.mypersonalwellness.com

002 Dr. Scott Simerman from Harbor Healing & Wellness in Mamaroneck NY
Scott share his journey to becoming healthy and becoming a Chiropractor and Healing Facilitator
and Wellness Coach and Educator.  Scott address the causes of physical, chemical, emotional,
and environmental stresses. As everyone today can certainly attest to, life is stressful
and having a strategy for alleviating its causes is necessary and invaluable for optimal health.      www.chirohealing.net 

001 Loren Lockham Water Fasting and more 

with guest Loren Lockman, the founder of the
Tangelwood Wellness Center in Costa Rica.
Tangelwood is a water fasting center.
During the hour long podcast Loren talks about his
journey to health and all the critics along the way.
Loren dives in to water fasting and talks about the successes
he sees when people step back, relax and say no to food!

for more on Tangelowood visit https://tanglewoodwellnesscenter.com  
to recieve a free e-book from Loren ($20 value) send an email to
info@tanglewoodwellnesscenter.com and mention the
Catch A Healthy Habit podcast! 

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Upcoming releases include
Ellen Barrett     

Ella Dana College junior and newly vegan!

Dr. Brian Henniger ND

Spencer Greene 


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***GARY VAYNERCHUK my new favorite podcast!

*** Check out Kimberly Synder's podcasts! 

Rich Roll -------------- JD Roth "The Big Fat Truth behind the King of Weight Loss"  

Rich Roll ---------------- Kip Andersen Keegan Kuhn "Makers of What the Health"

Dave Asprey ------------ John Mackey  "The Whole Foods Diet"

Dave Asprey ------------  Dr. Mercola  

Dave Asprey---------------Dr. Bill Sears    How To Avoid & Fix The Damaging Effects of Diet-Induced Inflammation

Tim Ferris------------------Dr. Rhonda Patrick     Exploring Smart Drugs, Fasting, and Fat Loss   

Tim Ferris ----------------- Art DeVany       How to Reverse Aging 

Nell Daly ----------------- Niyi Sobo. #16       What Should You DO When People Don't Believe in Your Dreams?
                                                                               A Conversation on Staying True to Yourself with a Former NFL Star