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Rich Roll -------------- JD Roth "The Big Fat Truth behind the King of Weight Loss"  

Rich Roll ---------------- Kip Andersen Keegan Kuhn "Makers of What the Health"

Dave Asprey ------------ John Mackey  "The Whole Foods Diet"

Dave Asprey ------------  Dr. Mercola  

Dave Asprey---------------Dr. Bill Sears    How To Avoid & Fix The Damaging Effects of Diet-Induced Inflammation

Tim Ferris------------------Dr. Rhonda Patrick     Exploring Smart Drugs, Fasting, and Fat Loss   

Tim Ferris ----------------- Art DeVany       How to Reverse Aging 

Nell Daly ----------------- Niyi Sobo. #16       What Should You DO When People Don't Believe in Your Dreams?
                                                                               A Conversation on Staying True to Yourself with a Former NFL Star