Catch A Healthy Habit is committed to bringing cutting edge information to our customers
through documentary screenings, hosting speakers that are leaders in their field,
raw food prep classes with the best chefs in the country as well as building community
through potluck dinners & special events such as chocolate parties, live music and so much more! 
*THURSDAY's are "RAWOLOGY" event night  @ 6:30 or 7pm! *unless noted events are at the Cafe!                               203 292 8190



Dr. Scott Simerman from

Harbor Healing and Wellcare

​Thursday July 2nd at Cafe 6:30pm -- free (rsvp required)

Chiropractic Biostructural Correction talk and Demonstration

Healing vs treating.. The key to being well!

Biostructural Correction is an extremely effective chiropractic technique that allows for full spinal correction so the body can work the way it was deigned to.  It is consistently reproducible and predictable.  The results are often dramatic and long lasting.  The spine is unlocked and an unwinding process takes place over days, weeks and months.  All structures from the skull to the toes are evaluated and aligned in ways that allow for the body to work as a single, synchronous functioning unit.  The body unwinds and remodels to its optimal state.  One must feel it to believe it. People consistently report:  Better posture and balance,full breath and ease of movement, feeling more relaxed, feeling stronger, relief and recovery from old injuries and pains no matter how long-standing! We invite you to join us for a simple demonstration, on your body, that will show you some of the benefits of this powerful system. You will see and feel the difference almost immediately!  We look forward to meeting you.​

Phone: 914-381-4777
516, West Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, NY 10543


Home Herbalism Course 3 part series

In the tradition of Rosemary Gladstar, Clinical Herbalist Tynne
teaches you beginner to intermediate techniques of community
herbalism so you can have more natural tools at hand to support
your own health and your family and friends. The information is broken
down into 3 classes and it is everything you should know to be a home herbalist.
The class is hands on, there will be handouts and samples, tea will be served
during each class. This is a one time event and must not be missed !
Tynne's enthusiasm, knowledge and love of plants will deeply inspire
you to create your own home remedies for pennies on the dollar.

The first 10 people to sign up for the all 3 classes will get a special gift!
$90 for all 3



 ALL CLASSES are 6:30pm-8:15pm

$35 per class
The 3 classes are broken down as such :
July 16th - liniments,infused herbal oils, salves, tooth powder,
compresses and poultices, infusions and decoctions, and castor oil packs

August 13th  - Learn to  Make First aid kits for home and travel,
An into into Wild Foods, and Herbal Nervines

September 3rd- Glycerines, vinegars, syrups, fire cider, tinctures,
infused honeys, lozengers, and fermented foods 



JULY 23rd -- Fund Raising event for

"LITTLE BLACK DOG RESCUE"    (details to be announced)

6:00-7:00 Meet and Greet 

7:00 screening of "DOGS on the INSIDE"  
film director Brean Cunningham will be present. 


Release Body Shame


July 30, 6:30-8:00pm Cost $20; Day-of $25

 Maggie Converse was inspired to become a yoga teacher and health coach because of
her own struggles with an eating disorder in her early 20s. She has since healed herself
through the work of a steady mind body practice and continues to spark the body image
conversation amongst students and clients.

The Release Body Shame workshop will be an experience that allows you to begin the
self-inquiry pertaining to your own relationship with your body. We will open the conversation
about body image as it pertains to our culture and ourselves as human beings. Throughout
the workshop we will work with the 5 A’s: Attention, Acceptance, Appreciation, Affection,
and Allowing - to better understand how we can change the story that we tell ourselves
and how we can begin to better release the shame we hold onto about our bodies.



SEPTEMBER 10th Thursday

 $15 pre-reg. --chairs for 35! Sproutman is very popular!!!!!

Sproutman Steve Meyerowitz    



The Black Rock Farmers Market          Saturday 9am-1pm

The Wilton Farmers Market                Wednesday 12-5pm until 10/28



12-11-13 Gov. Malloy signs GMO Labeling Bill at the Cafe!

We hope you will join us for one of these events this week.  We have volunteer meetings,
Genetic Roulette movie screenings, GMO education seminars and a superb Farmer, Mill & Consumer Alliance
event with panel discussion to finish off the week.  Be sure to go to our Events Calendar page 
to see all of these events and their details.  Or check out our Facebook Events page.

Food Democracy Now! joins Right To Know CT and GMO Free CT in
Connecticut to celebrate the passage of HB 6527.
We need other states to pass GMO labeling bills!  Please spread the word!!!!
The bill has been amended with a trigger clause. The bill will go into effect when
“Four states, not including Connecticut, enact a mandatory labeling law for genetically
engineered foods that is consistent with the provisions of HB 6527 subsection, provided
one such state borders Connecticut; and (2) the aggregate population of such states
located in the northeast region of the United States that have enacted a mandatory
labeling law for genetically engineered foods that is consistent with this subsection
exceed twenty million people based on 2010 census figures.” 
News from GMO FREE CT
WTNH covers Ct GMO Labeling 
March 15th 
Up Close with Tara Cook-Littman "Healthy Life CT"



To see past events that took place at the West Haven Cafe visit our youtube site   

Past Events in Fairfield
12/5: Raw Food Frank (Frank Giglio & friends)
Chef Be-Live

Author Jared Koch "Clean Plates NYC"
1/31: Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe Celebrates!
2/25: Philip McCluskey from 
Raw Dawg Rory Creating Kombucha Workshop
4/28 David Wolfe
5/27 Karen Ranzi  "Creating Healthy Children"
6/3  Matthew Grace   "A Way Out"
7/25 Dr. Craig Sommers N.D
8/26 Philip McCluskey
9/16 Steve "The Sproutman" Meyerowitz
10/12  Paul Nison
10/21 The Raw Food Doctors (Rick Dina)
1/6 Frank Giglio 
1/20 KRIS CARR (pictures)
3/5 Daniel Vitalis 
4/13 Ken Rohla 
4/27 Jeffrrey Smith 
5/26 Elwin Robinson 
6/9   Lisa Wilson  
6/16 David Wolfe 

7/14 Five customers shared their story this is Kathy!
8/25 Loren Lockman 
9/8 Dr. Craig Sommers
9/15 Gabrielle Bernstein
    DR. T 
5/21 Dr. T
7/18 Cherie Soria 
7/24 Dr. T 
Dr. T          
9/13 Dr. Brian Clement 

1/2/13 Gabrielle Bernstein @ FTC

 1/23/13 Rep. Kim Fawcett speaks at GMO FREE CT Meeting.

4/10/13 Dr. T speaks on getting TOO MUCH Protein

4/18/13 Lyn Genet author of "The Plan"

5/15/13 Nick Ortner author of the Tapping Solution w/Steve Munn


6/13/13 Tim Van Orden talks here about Fish Oil...

12/11/13 Gov. Malloy signs the GMO labeing bill at the Cafe

4/23/14 Dr. Paul Connett talks about Fluoride and why it needs to get out of the water supply

4/24/14 Beth Lambert from Epidemic Answers leads a panel discussion on childhood epidemics

4/27/14 Dr. Brian Clement from Hippocrates Health Institute talks Detox!

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Glen with the Sproutman Steve Meyerowitz!

Dr. Brian Clement at the Fairfield Community Theatre

glen with Fred Bisci
Dr. Craig Sommers speaks at the Cafe



Glen w/ Dr.'s Rick & Karin Dina

Kris Carr signing Willy's book 1/20/11

 Glen with Ken Rohla from 4/14/11

Glen & Lisa with Jeffrey Smith author of "Seeds of Deception & Genetic Roulette! 4/28/11

Glen with Tim VanOrden "The Raw Runner" 5/12/11 

Staffer Tynne w/Philip

Lisa Wilson from "The Raw Food Institute" 6/9 & 8/4 2011

Lisa & Glen with David Wolfe! 6/16/11

Glen with Dr.Craig Sommers  9/8/11

Gabby Bernstein in Fairfield on her  "Spirit Junkie" tour 9/15/11

Packed house for Sproutman 10/15/11

Dr.'s Rick & Karin Dina 10/20 & 10/22 2011

Dr. Gabriel Cousens 10/24/11

George J. Lamoureux CEO/Founder of Jing Herbs 12/29/11 

Celebrating "IIN" the Best Nutrition School Ever 1/8/12

What A Weekend with Amy Rachelle 1/14 & 1/15 2012

Ian Ziering visits the Cafe! 1/26/12

Lisa Wilson talks to another sell out! 1/26/12 and 2/23/12


Cafe crew meets with Rep. Hwang to talk GMO's March 2011

Forgotten Foods Remembered 3/29/12

Fermenting w/Frank Giglio 4/5/12


Glen with Michael Bergonzi The Wheatgrass King 4/12/12

David Wolfe 5/31/12

Michael Bergonzi & Liza Wilson 6/7/12
 Chef Cherie Soria "Living Light" 7/18/12
 Dave "The Raw Trucker" w/staffer Alex 8/12/12

Philip & Casey McCluskey 8/18 "The Raw Food Bootcamp"

Gabby Bernstein 1/2/13

GMO Free Ct meeting at the Annex 1/23/13 60+ attended

Lyn Genet "The Plan" author at the Annex 4-18-13

author of "ALL NATURAL" Nathanael Johnson speaks 4-27-13

Steve, Shannon, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Ortner(The Tapping Solution) and Kevin Gianni 5/15/13 

Raw Chef CHELLY 5-30-13

Square Foot gardening 101 with Amie Hall 6-5-13

Tim Van Orden "Running Raw" 6/13/13

RONNIE LANDIS Rawked the Full House 7-11-13

4th Year Anniversary Party!

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