Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe offers a 5 day Liquid Cleanse

 *registration typically ends the Friday before the cleanse starts - call 203 292 8190      
Upcoming Cleanse Weeks

 DEC. 10-14

 JAN. 7-11 


Check out this article written about Cleansing at the Cafe!

Join Catch A Healthy Habit in our version of a liquid cleanse!

What is a Liquid Cleanse?
The Cafe, using only Organic fruits, vegetables, sprouts and nut milks,
prepares, fresh each morning, a bag full of all your nutrition needs for the day!

M-W-F  Four juices,  One Superfood smoothie, One blended soup
T - Th   Three  juices, One Superfood smoothie, One blended soup, One Chia seed pudding

Investment in your health     $350
Pick Up each morning is available at or after 7:30am 
1st 20 people to register & financially make an investment in your health!
Registration ends the Friday before the cleanse starts! 
(203) 292-8190

 **Email support is a big part of the cleanse, please be sure to watch for emails from the Friday before the cleanse starts!
     Don't see an email check spam folder!
     or send an email to and we will link up!

Glen participated in the October Cleanse and blogged about it here!

Why participate in the Cleanse?
Weight loss, Increased energy, improved digestion...
The list goes on. This is the feedback we get from cleansers.
Another reason is that we prepare everything you consume for the week!
Not only does your digestive system get a break but so do you!
**Heavy Coffee/Diet Cola (Caffeine) drinkers beware! 
    Going off Caffeine Cold Turkey most likely will lead to immediate symptons of
    mild to severe headaches, anxiety and less than happy feelings. 
    Please prepare pre-cleanse! 
Cleanse Support
Lisa and Glen are both Health Coaches. We send out emails on how to prepare for the cleanse,
support during and how to successfully come off the cleanse 

 + Top Detox Details I wish I knew...

Yes! New habits!  First cleanse in March got me drinking more
herbal tea and drinking warm water w lemon in the morning and thinking.
Second cleanse in May got me thinking some more and researching the
benefits of a plant based diet. Since the May cleanse I have bought a juicer
(juicing once or twice a day) and started eating only plant based for these two weeks.  
(I have been dairy free for years already). The best part is my three teenagers
now ask me to make them juice (with all the greens and goodness, not just apples and oranges)
and I almost have my husband convinced that he should drink a juice each morning...
slow and consistent changes equal habits.  It took be 5 years I get cows milk out
of my house... so I will be patient with this change too.  
Here’s to health!!! And thank you for all you do!
Kirstin (March & May 2018) 

My husband and I can’t thank you enough for an incredible week.
We went in to it a bit hesitant
but right out of the gate we loved it.
The juices, smoothies, pudding and soups are all delicious. 
We were excited to see what each day would bring. We feel great
and look forward to
continuing on with much of what we have learned.
Undoubtedly you will see our faces 
regularly for ginger shots,
wheat grass and most likely lunch....tomorrow! 

Have a great weekend and thank you again. 

DD (Jan. 2016)



Thank you for a week of health and psych
and energy! I had gotten off my path of juicing
and fruits and veggies for about a month and
I needed a good kick start again. This cleanse was the
perfect choice. I loved every single juice and the soups,
but especially the chia seed pudding. I also appreciated
all the emails and literature you have sent...that was extremely helpful! 
I've tried cleanses before, but never at CAHH. I truly enjoyed yours the most.
So thank you!

Helene (May 2013 cleanse)


Dear Catch A Healthy Habit Staff,

I have done multiple juice fasts but this is by far my favourite! How often do you run these programmes?
My husband wants to participate with me next time. I will participate every time you run the program unless I am travelling for work. I have done **** ***** Cleanse which costs a fortune, has no variety and does not taste very fresh. I love your varied menu, the right out of the juicer freshness, the intermingling of soups, smoothies and juices, your inspirational and informative emails.  This is incredible! Yesterday, I finished everything and felt completely satisfied. I soup was my least favourite offering, but I still enjoyed the freshness. I loved everything you sent home. The smoothie was fantastic and very filling!

Andrea Hunt (1st time cleanser 3/12)

Dear Cafe Staff:

Just wanted to say  thank you for all your hard work this week.  
My first cleanse was a big success - I dropped 9 lbs.!  
I can't believe how good I feel and how much energy I have.  
I look forward to continuing with this healthy habit I have caught!  

Liz E. (3/12)

Thanks to you and your crew for making my first cleanse as pleasant as possible. 
Your support was amazing and encouraging. The juices were amazing! 
I want to do it again already.  I would definitely recommend this cleanse to anyone.    

Not a vegetable guy.  I mean, I eat salads and love vegetables in the pasta
and chicken combos I make at home and order out, but I don’t get a V8 when
I want something to drink and if I am ordering a smoothie it is a chocolate, banana,
peanut or almond butter glass of sweetness – not something ‘veggie’. 
So that part of the cleanse wasn’t fun for me.  The part that surprised me though
was that I was not at all ‘hungry’.  I love to eat and I am salivating knowing that
I am going to get to eat tomorrow.  But my stomach never felt empty and because
I was willfully ready to commit to the process, it was easy to determine that
although I wanted ‘food’, it wasn’t because I was physically hungry.

The nut milk smoothies helped with that ‘full’ feeling at dinner time. 
It was fun to get the looks while eating the chia pudding. 
It was cool to be exposed to the seed and the cultural story behind its goodness. 
I have already ordered a box of the bars.

I lost 10 pounds from the scale reading Sunday night to the one on Friday morning. 
I know my body is thankful for all the organic goodness that I put it in this week. 
And it was wonderful to get acquainted with the Catch a Healthy Habit crew. 
The daily emails were fun and helpful and I looked forward to Glen’s smirk
every morning (because he knows about my love of the smoothie described above).

I look forward to some nut milk, carob, ‘coconut or something’ smoothie
added to the next one (daily)!

Thank you.
J. Rivera

By the last day of the cleanse I felt a boost in energy.  
Overall I felt lighter.
I noticed as the toxins go, so does the inflamation!
Susan D. 

Thanks!  It’s been a great week and I’ve very psyched I did it—a game changer for me!

Mark P.


I was just recently introduced to "Catch A Healthy Habit" from a nutritionist friend of mine who has been helping me get back on track with my diet. As soon as I walked in the staff was incredibly helpful in directing me to the essential products I needed for what I was looking to achieve. At that time they were offering the 5-day cleanse and I signed up. I had never done anything like this before but it sounded amazing and I thought "why not?". I believe in seasonal detoxing and this sounded like a really healthy and delicious way to do it. 
On March 7th I picked up my first day of delicious juices, smoothies and a soup - along with a peppermint water and a list of all that was included. Everything was fresh, well thought out and again, the staff was incredibly helpful. I couldn't wait for the next day! And each day I enjoyed it more and more. They offered on-line support as well to keep us all motivated and everything was made fresh daily and just overall delicious. By day five I didn't want it to stop! I felt great, had lost some weight, had more energy, had a smile on my face and my skin and hair looked more vibrant as well. The overall experience was incredible and I would definitely do it again! THANKS Glen and Lisa and everyone over there!
Tammy Hines-Dumitru
Creative Director

I want to express our sincere gratitude to you both (Glen, Lisa & Staff) for your advocacy and implementation of a REAL alternative solution for people seeking personal health, wellness and betterment. It was awesome and the effects are palpable!!!
With Love and Thanks,  Stan + Tina 

I never felt hungry during the juice fast and was able to continue with my daily trips to the gym and yoga.  The morning after I completed the fast, I felt better than I had in 10 years--lighter, full of energy and happy.  I actually waited until noon to eat!  Today, two days after the program, I feel strong and healthy. I plan to take the juice cleanse again in two months.  Thank you, Glen and Lisa!
Janice Bowersox

I have  done several types of cleanses in the past and this was by far the best.  The juices, soups and smoothies tasted fresh, delicious and nutrient dense.  The support I received from Glen, Lisa and their staff was invaluable.  While my energy levels vacillated during the 5 days, I now (5 days after completion) feel fantastic and have no desire for many of the foods I previously craved.  I highly recommend this cleanse!
Marleen Salko
Yoga Instructor

The Cleanse has been agreat success! I went into it to detoxfrom white sugar, white flour and dairy. During the week I did feel hungry or bloated. I have less cravings now that I am feeding my body the right nutrients. I plan on continuing to "eat clean". Thank you for making this exprience easier for me.
Maureen J.

Top Ten Detox Details I Wish I Knew In Advance

1.  It will be completely utterly worth it!

2.  You will most likely be miserable the first day or so.  Unless you are already on a vegan raw liquid caffeine-free diet, it will be hard.  Hard.  You may also be tired.  That's ok, a little extra sleep is good.  But push through!  

3.  Cut down/off caffeine (switch to decaf, drink less cups per day) because unless you do that you will want to smash your head in with a large hammer by the middle of day one.  Which is how I felt.  And I only had about 2 cups a day, so I was like "I can SO do this, ha!"  No.  It will hurt.  Try as hard as you can to prepare.  Ditto with sugar.  Ouch.  

4.  Drink LOTS and LOTS of water the weekend before.  LOTS.  One of the main "weird" things that I felt the first few days was a whishy-washy stomach.  I was simply not used to have that much liquid in my body at one time.  Try to prepare.  This will also prep you for the more than usual trips to the bathroom.  That much liquid, you know.  You gotta go a lot more.  

5. The juices/smoothies/whatever may not be too tasty at first.  When I first did the detox in February with a best friend, we texted constantly comparing which ones were the grossest and which were drinkable. Your palate will adjust and they will become super delish, really.  The peppermint water was a constant favorite from the get-go!  And there were good ones even from the first day.  But just be ready for some you may not love immediately.

6.  See if adding a ginger or wheatgrass shot in the morning helps at all.  I became a ginger shot junkie myself.  

7.  DO NOT CHEAT.  Seriously.  I (humiliatingly) did once and afterwards it wasn't worth it at all. 
It's not worth it!!!! Don't do it!!

8.  Try to prepare for the detox socially as well-- if you are going out to meet friends or go for a work meeting, suggest a coffee shop (only get herbal tea of course) or perhaps even Catch a Healthy Habit.  Reschedule dinner dates to the next week.  It's easier if you don't have solid wheat and meat and dairy filled dinner sitting in front of you just begging you to eat it.  Plus the social pressure to eat, bad combination.  Plan ahead.   

9.  If you are absolutely utterly completely "I am going to DIE OF STARVATION" hungry, go for a mashed up avocado or some mashed up celery.  Yum!  It will help, especially the first few days.  Also remember that you can drink as much water and herbal tea as you like throughout.  Makes you feel more full.  

10.  It will be totally worth it.  By the end of the week you will feel amazing.  Amazing.  On Saturday morning after the detox was over, I woke up and my first thought was "Where are my juices and smoothies???  OH NO!" and promptly returned to Catch a Healthy Habit to get my fix. 

Alisson W